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    Another big update to OmniGrowl plus notes on MobileMe

    WBC today released another major update to OmniGrowl, introducing some great new features.

    OmniGrowl has always provided notifications for to-dos due tomorrow or today. OmniGrowl 4.3 now allows for daily notifications of pending to-dos in iCal, up to 60 days out. OmniGrowl will tell you how many days you have left before the due date. These daily notifications do not stay on screen by default, but you can make all to-do notifications stay on screen by configuring it in Growl if you prefer.

    OmniGrowl 4.3 adds a new source for concert notifications, bandsintown. Bandsintown is nice because it can, optionally, get your location from just your IP. There's also the option to get it from your city and state or country. Pollstar notifications are fixed again, hopefully for some time yet to come.

    A great new feature has been added that allows you to add recently found concerts and events to iCal. This is available from a button on the Music tab and from the Tools menu.

    Holiday greeting notifications have been significantly reworked and expanded. Holidays that fall on the nth weekday of a month, like Mother's Day or Thanksgiving, are now supported. There's now the option to completely turn them off in OmniGrowl. Also if you're in the U.S. you can specify whether you prefer more secular or liberal holiday greetings or not. Please make sure your country is set.

    Other existing features have also been fixed or improved. Please see the version history for complete details.

    In related news, Apple announced yesterday by-email that all MobileMe users will be required to upgrade to the new MobileMe calendars by May 5, 2011.

    What does this mean for OmniGrowl users? OmniGrowl has supported the new calendars since January 1, 2011 with version 4.1. However there's one big outstanding problem: MobileMe sync does not currently automatically update changes to the new calendars until iCal is open. This means that if you add or change an event on the MobileMe web page, another computer, or an iPhone, OmniGrowl won't know about that change until you start iCal.

    You can always set OmniGrowl to launch iCal when it starts. But since Leopard you didn't need to and now you do.

    If you're not happy with this situation, please send feedback to MobileMe.


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