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    Cast Away Update Addresses Compatibility

    Wooden Brain Concepts today released an update to Cast Away, a podcast manager for iTunes.

    Cast Away allows you to remove podcasts according to criteria that are much more fine-grained than possible in iTunes. Cast Away can prevent podcasts from expiring in iTunes, update smart playlists, and archive selected podcasts. It also includes an auto-player that can play selected podcasts as they arrive and then return to the previously playing music, if any.

    The update fixes more issues related to iTunes 11.x. iTunes 11.0 and 11.1 introduced bugs that have been partially fixed by Apple with iTunes 11.1.1. Therefore Cast Away now requires 11.1.1 or higher or many versions of iTunes below iTunes 11.0.

    Unfortunately there are still bugs in iTunes relating to removing undownloaded ("cloud") podcasts so this feature remains disabled in this version.

    This release is believed to fix an issue related to the creation of the disc image with the previous version, which prevented the application from opening on certain systems.

    Lastly, provisional compatibility testing on Mavericks is complete. Final certification will follow.

    Please see the version history for details.

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