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Unless specified otherwise, all WBC software is for Mac OS X.

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    OmniGrowl Update Supports Mavericks, Fixes Trial Limitation

    Wooden Brain Concepts today released an update to OmniGrowl which supports OS X Mavericks, and fixes a couple of important bugs.

    OmniGrowl provides over a dozen kinds of useful notifications, including calendar events, reminders, weather, traffic, flights, and news.

    The most important bug fixed is that in many cases, unregistered users were seeing a trial expired message immediately after launching OmniGrowl. The intent is for OmniGrowl to be fully functional for 6 hours of use per launch, regardless of whether it is registered or not. We believe this has now been fixed. Please contact us if this occurs on your system.

    OmniGrowl will now display notifications when playing iTunes Radio with iTunes 11, even when "full notifications" is selected. Previously OmniGrowl only showed iTunes Radio notifications if "basic notifications" was selected.

    Please note that the "Events" tab remains intentionally blank, while we continue to search for a suitable reliable data source to replace Yahoo Upcoming.

    As usual, please refer to the version history for details.

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