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Unless specified otherwise, all WBC software is for Mac OS X.

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    We will be on holiday from February 26 through March 7. Answers to support emails will likely be delayed during this period. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

    OmniGrowl 3.8 released

    OmniGrowl 3.8 focuses on updates to Yahoo Weather, and adds a couple other new features. Please see the version history for details.

    CaliBrate 1.7.4 released

    CaliBrate 1.7.4 adds features related to multiple alarms. You can now search for events with at least X alarms, either all alarms or particular types of alarms. When adding alarms, it is now optional whether or not to clear alarms of the same type first. The event drawer now provides better status information on the number of alarms for an event. Please see the version history for details.

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