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Unless specified otherwise, all WBC software is for Mac OS X.

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  • I mistakenly paid for your software but I'm a Windows user and I didn't know it was Mac only. Can I get a refund?
    Refunds will not be issued for this reason because the platform is clearly specified and because handling these requests is both time consuming and costs us transaction fees. Each product page shows the platform, usually Mac-only, directly underneath the Buy Now button. All over this site are plenty of other indications that WBC is a Mac-oriented developer.
    This policy was not an easy one to make, and we regret having to leave buyers unsatisfied. However, it was made because the rationale for pricing the software low is that there is no overhead in managing licenses and payments. WBC software is released under an honor system. It is up to the buyer to pay when satisfied. (Note that this is not an atypical policy for software which cannot be returned. Apple's iTunes App Store is a case in point.)
    Windows users, please don't assume because something is called "software" that it will run on your proprietary operating system. Please always check system requirements.
    Of course, please feel free to give the product to a friend who has a Mac. « back