Wooden Brain Concepts

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WBC got our design start, feeble as it was, with frivolous projects such as these.

Skinning applications, "modding" resources, and so on was a valuable way to learn about the guts of the Mac.

As the kind people at Chronos put it:

By the looks of the pictures you really do like to customize the appearance of everything.

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Skins, Themes, Sounds, Mods

A collection of templates in snazzy colors for the OS X Terminal application.

A set of skins for SoundJam (the venerable progenitor of iTunes) and faces for Audion, which is still available. (Bless the folks at Panic, who loved Audion so much they set it free, and wrote up its true story.)

For all you Palm Desktop hangers-on here's a set of decors with instructions on how to install in OS X.
Sound set for Natural Worlds. Fantasy tropical rainforest shore with Fijian ocean waves & rainforest sounds.
A package of sound sets for Entourage and Outlook, found or repackaged: Best of Profane, Best of Short, Clixsounds, Monosyllabic, and Whacked Sounds.