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CaliBrate is $8 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
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My iCal is a mess. I used CaliBrate to easily see a list of all these dupes, and other unnecessary entries.

–Josh F.

I downloaded this product in order to clean up old events in iCal 3.0.2 as the 'delete events older than...' function no longer works. However, Calibrate also offers many other batch processing options that are missing from iCal. It did exactly what I wanted, and is a great value.

– fiona19

Very flexible and effective tool for searching iCal and making batch changes to events. Quick response from the developer when I reported a problem with date formatting. Altogether a nice bit of software to have and to use.


love love love calibrate and all your other super useful apps. best apps i've bought in a long time!


[CaliBrate] is great! Enjoyed using it very much. (Sent from my iPhone)


I just wanted to tell you how much I love and depend on this program! Every month or so, my work schedule is downloadable as an iCal file. Unfortunately, the entries are verbose and really poorly done. I used to have to hand-enter each of these into my standard "work" calendar. It was a pain and took hours!!! Ever since you got Calibate...working for me, the job takes 10-15 minutes. I bet you hear complaints a lot, but I prefer to send compliments for something that has really improved my life. I will be upgrading my ancient computer soon, and I will be sure to get the latest Calibate onto it soon after turning it on.

–“El Trial”

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