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CaliBrate is $8 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
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Create and batch process Calendar (or iCal) events

Ever want to batch process Calendar (or iCal) events? Remove duplicate events? Just drag & drop text to create an event?

CaliBrate...offers many...batch processing options that are missing from iCal. It did exactly what I wanted, and is a great value. more testimonials »

• Batch process events
• Flexible search criteria & range match presets
• Search for and remove duplicates
• Search for annual recurring events and delete later non-recurring duplicates
• Move or archive events to new calendars or delete them
• Auto-reformat, modify, or set event titles, notes, locations, and URLs
• Add or clear alarms and attendees
• Modify or clear recurrences
• Edit, create, and delete individual events in event drawer
• Use an existing event as a template to create a new event in event drawer
• Magic Hat: drag text to it to parse events
• Drag & drop text among fields on event drawer when editing or creating events
• Drag & drop date or time strings to event start and end dates / times
• Save & load search criteria sets

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