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iDupe is $8 shareware
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iDupe requires Mac OS X
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A smart duplicates scanner for iTunes

Finally, the real dupe tool we’ve all been looking for. more testimonials »

  • Makes smart judgement calls about duplicates
  • Lets you make final judgement calls before removing any music
  • Easy to use out of the box
  • More powerful special modes
  • Restore dead tracks

iTunes has a “Show Duplicates” command, but it is of limited use. It offers no way to remove duplicates while keeping one version of a song. It can’t identify which songs are duplicates as opposed to different recordings of the same song.

iDupe deals with this in a smart way. Playlist entries which refer to exactly the same file and “dead tracks” are treated as unambiguously undesirable.

Other potential duplicates are ranked according to a number of criteria, which include whether a song is likely to be a loose single, what the best bit rate is, etc.

iDupe is compatible with iTunes 11 in any view that can show list checkboxes. Please see this blog entry.