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iDupe is $8 shareware
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iDupe requires
Mac OS X

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Finally, the real dupe tool we've all been looking for. 


Great app! It's done what the others haven't been able to do for me so far: intelligent searching. Thanks!


I have tried all of the iTunes duplicate removers and yours is the best…and at a great price too.

–Jamie S

Outstanding! This is a very well designed and well thought-out application. I looked for a solution [for iTunes duplicates] and after trying several others, I came across iDupe. Wow, wish I had just started with this one.


This weekend I freed up 30 GB of mp3 duplicates using a handy program called iDupe. I’d tried several programs before, including an early version of Corral all Duplicates without much luck, but iDupe was able to process songs via ID3 tags, file size, date modified, and some fuzzy logic I don’t totally understand.


So I just wanted to tell you guys that this software ROCKS!! Thank you!!


Your wee program got me out of a spot of bother there. Good on you.


I love your program...it saved [me] literally days of going through 27,000 songs most of which were duplicates! THANK YOU THANK YOU!


Thank you for writing this software. I had a 1TB hard drive filled to the brim…with duplicates and triplicates—almost 100k files. I stupidly tried to consolidate my library of only 12k files a few years ago and I almost got fired because I got obsessed couldn't let it go. It took 2 weeks to fix. I knew 98 k files would prevent me from seeing spring (and maybe summer) because I'm all about the bitrate and format and inclusiveness without duplication. In 2 days, and a hot MacBook pro later, all is well in the land of Elliott's iTunes library. Seriously, thank you x 3.


I just want to say thank you so much for [iDupe]. It's absolutely amazing and has resolved an issue that has been bugging the hell out of me for ages. It was really easy to use and was absolutely brilliant. So thank you. :D I've already recommended it to a bunch of people.

–Mike B.

I just had to put my iTunes library back together pieces on an iPhone, an iPad, and an out-of-date backup. I'm sure you can imagine how I was dreading this, but with iDupe it was a piece of cake. Thanks for being so awesome!


Thank you so much for this great software!!  I literally spent my whole morning and bought other software to no avail.   You made my day with your great software.  Thank you so much and keep up the great work!!!

–Sun S.

@wbcsoft Love iDupe best application to help clean up your iTunes Library!

–Erik B. via Twitter

The best eight bucks I ever spent. Every mistake you could make to get duplicates, I made. I was avoiding a lot of great music because there were so many duplicates. (Try Beethoven's Diabelli Variations with each variation duplicated!) Your program is worth its weight in gold. Many, many thanks.

–Jeff R.

Just burning to thank you again. Your software worked flawlessly and removed over 14 thousand duplicates without any issues… Just leave it alone and let it work. My iTunes database has been a mess for years and I have just ignored it waiting for a time when I could address it. Thank you for putting this app together and offering it at such a reasonable price. Will recommend to anyone who will listen.

–Charles S.

Two Quick Tips by The Mac Observer on finding duplicate tracks and removing dead tracks recommend iDupe.