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OmniGrowl is $12 shareware
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For Mac OS X only
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Brilliant! Just discovered Growl and looked for all the notifiers I could find. This one is a gem. It works just as the developer says it does and it is a great addition to iCal.

–Old Mac User

Absolutely fantastic. i've been waiting for more growl implementation and here it is in a 'omni' quality app. all features work beautifully. 

–Uriah H.

I tried your program on a whim after seeing it on MacUpdate. Installed it and was hooked instantly. I also like your approach to shareware & well worth the $10... Thanks for an awesome well-written program.

–Jeffrey S.

This thing rocks. It is the answer to many things I have tried individually. Can't believe I hadn't heard of it, just stumbled upon it. I will definitely get a copy.

–Chris R.

I thought you'd like to read about how I use OmniGrowl to set up monitoring of devices on my home network. You can read the details in my three recent blog entries. Thanks for OmniGrowl which makes this all possible (and inexpensive!).

–Leon N.

The download squad wrote a review titled “OmniGrowl: Notifications for Practically Everything.”

A comprehensive review of an early version of OmniGrowl was posted by Tim Gaden at Hawk Wings.