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Concert Notifications

Pollstar and bandsintown both provide concert listings by city. OmniGrowl supports cities in the U.S. and Canada, and also provides limited international support.

Last.fm is a music tracking service. Using client software, registered users can submit to the service music they listen to, which can then provide helpful information, including concert recommendations. To enable last.fm support in OmniGrowl, you must provide your username. OmniGrowl does not submit information to last.fm (“scrobble”), it only gets information from your events recommendations feed. For this to work, you must first have entered your location on the last.fm events page.

When enabled, the concert module will check the Pollstar, bandsintown, and last.fm web sites every half hour (alternating), and display Growl notifications. You can choose whether to check all sites or either Pollstar and bandsintown or last.fm, and whether to show all concerts or only those matching artists in iTunes. When matching iTunes artists, concert notifications stay on screen. When showing all concerts, they do not. (If you want to make them all stay on screen, do so in Growl.)

Recently shown concert notifications can be added to iCal from a button on the Music tab or from the Tools menu.

Finding your Pollstar City ID

The Pollstar City ID works similarly to the Yahoo WOEID. If left blank, the city and either state or country entered on the Personal tab will be used. However if OmniGrowl is not getting the right results, you can find this ID. Doing so will also be faster, so it is recommended.

Enter your city in the "Find an Event" search field on Pollstar. If there are multiple matches, click the correct city from the Cities portion of the list. The address bar of the resulting city page will show a URL which contains the City ID between “ID=” and “&SortBy”. This should be a numerical ID. For example, the City ID for London, UK is 67494.