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The Actions Menu

Several immediate actions can be accessed from the Action menu when OmniGrowl is in normal mode. Each Action has a key equivalent as well. You can use these Actions to get common notifications now without waiting for OmniGrowl to get to them. These are:
  • Show Last Notification (⌘0)
  • Hourly Headlines Now (⌘1)
  • Instant Headlines Now (⌘2)
  • Ambient News Now (⌘3)
  • Weather Now (⌘4)
  • Traffic Now (⌘5)
  • Flight Status Now (⌘6)
  • AMG Biography (⌘7)
  • Upcoming Events Now (⌘8)

Immediate Actions

In previous versions of OmniGrowl, these Actions were only available through the scripts menu under:

Growl->OmniGrowl->Immediate Actions

Some may still find them handy to access that way, especially when using OmniGrowl in background mode. Scripts can be assigned to global hot keys with a hot keys program.

These Immediate Actions are not found in the Actions menu:
  • iTunes Now
  • iTunes Toggle Full Notifications
  • Fetched Artwork to iTunes Album (WBC)
  • Fetched Artwork Forget

You’ll find those functions directly on the Music tab. Forget Fetched Artwork is also available on the Tools menu.