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Default and Preset Feeds

OmniGrowl comes with a few default feeds including the BBC, CNN, and the New York Times. Not all of the default feeds are enabled.

In addition, OmniGrowl includes more than a hundred feed presets. To add one, just click new and choose from the preset menu.

You can also add personalized feeds from facebook, twitter, and Netflix directly from the presets. OmniGrowl will fill in the appropriate feed URLs for you. @mention, #search, and user timeline presets are included for twitter.

Hourly vs. Instant Headlines

Hourly headlines will show a definable number of new headlines all at once for each feed at the top of the hour, in an hourly cycle. Usually you will want to show 3-5 headlines at once. You can reorder the feeds with drag & drop.

Instant Headlines, by contrast, shows the latest headline from each feed as it comes in, along with an optional truncated description. This is useful for feeds you wish to monitor more rapidly. It works particularly well with the notification feed for facebook or with other personalized RSS feeds such as twitter and Netflix.

You can change any feed from hourly to instant mode. When the "instant" option is checked, that feed will not be included in the hourly cycle.