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Wooden Brain Concepts


Thanks to the folks at Growl.
Thanks to
Jobu at MacScripter BBS for implementation of code that handles iTunes distributed notifications.
Thanks to
Matt Schinckel for the original idea.
Thanks to Mark Hunte for method to get iCal disabled calendars.

Thanks to Christopher Mudiappahpillai and Paul Cézanne for Random Oblique Strategy script.
Oblique Strategies © 1975, 1978, and 1979 Brian Eno/Peter Schmidt
Thanks to StefanK for power status command.
Thanks to Scott at flightstats.com for permission to access their system.
Thanks to Jef Bekes for the new icon mock-up.
Thanks to leoofborg for some good suggestions.
Thanks to
Scott Tooker for portions of Today's Schedule Konfabulator widget to handle recurring events.
Thanks to Craig Smith for help implementing the Leopard Calendar Store.
Thanks to Peter Hosey for help implementing clickable Growl notifications.
Thanks to Jerry Krinock for help with weak linking frameworks.
Thanks to
Zeusbox Studio for some of the RSS icons.
Thanks to
jaytheasianman for the iTunes controller icons.


OmniGrowl provides notifications through the Growl framework, but no affiliation with Growl is expressed or implied.


$12 Shareware. Although OmniGrowl remains unrestricted, if you use it you are required to pay. For details on WBC's approach to shareware, please see the WBC support FAQ. Shareware payments can be made through Kagi or PayPal. Payment via PayPal is preferred.

No guarantees are expressed or implied of course and you use it at your own risk etc. etc.

OmniGrowl is released under the WBC License Agreement, which is derived from Ed Foster’s Fair EULA.