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  • Quit the current version of OmniGrowl.
  • Replace it with the downloaded version.
  • Launch the new version.
  • Set new OmniGrowl preferences and, if desired, adjust application notification settings in Growl.
OmniGrowl automatically updates its preferences to support new features. In the unlikely event OmniGrowl fails to launch, delete (or restore from backup):


Removing OmniGrowl

1. Optional: Remove the login item from your Accounts preference pane.
(If you click the “Start OmniGrowl at Login” button before quitting OmniGrowl and it is in your login items already, the button will open the Accounts preference pane for you.)

2. Required: Quit OmniGrowl!

3. Optional: Delete the OmniGrowl entry from the Growl preference pane.

4. Required: Trash the OmniGrowl folder in the Finder.

5. Optional: Trash these support folders and files:

~/Library/Application Support/OmniGrowl/

(~/ refers to your user home folder.)

Note: Beginning with Lion, the user Library folder is not visible by default. You can use the Finder’s “Go to Folder…” command to go to “~/Library/”